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The Infinite Sea Audiobook is an American novel based on the young adult fiction genre. The novel is authored by American novelist Rick Yancey. The infinite sea is a book authored by American novelist and author Rick Yancey.

the infinite sea audiobook

The Infinite Sea Audiobook – Novel Review And Details:

The story of The Infinite Sea MP3 is a continuation of the first part of the trilogy series. This is the second part. The book opens with the story revolving around characters Cassie and Ben. Both of them are along with their group of friends and look for a stay in a hotel. It is a misfortune that the hotel they are staying in is haunted.

The Infinite Sea Audiobook is based on a young Science Fiction Audiobooks. It was published in 2014 September by the renowned G. P. Putnam’s Sons & Co. The book is part of the celebrated 5th wave novel series and is originally published in the English language. A sequel to the book titled ‘the last star’ has also been published authored by the same writer.

Plot Review:

The Infinite Sea Audiobook is an adult fiction genre book. It is part of a trilogy book series. The book comprises of over 300 pages. It was very well-received by the audiences and critics alike. The novel also garnered great praise from various leading publications including USA Today, US Weekly, Publishers Weekly and Editor’s best choice.

About Author (Ricky Yancey):

The Infinite Sea is authored by Richard Ricky Yancey. Ricky Yancey was born in the United States in 1964. He is a professional novelist and fiction author. Ricky Yancey has been professionally engaged in book writing since 2003. He has authored many best-selling books ever since, most of which have been based on the adult fiction genre.

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The Infinite Sea Audio is written by Rick Yancey which is narrated for Audiobook by Audible. The Audiobook is divided into six different parts which are as following:

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