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[Listen][Download] The Hammer of Thor Audiobook – (Magnus Chase Book# 2)

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Magnus Chase and The Hammer of Thor Audiobook is a fantasy, young fiction, and mythology based novel. It is authored by celebrated American author and the best-selling writer of the Percy Jackson novel series; Rick Riordan. The hammer of Thor is an American fiction, fantasy, and mythology novel. It is part of the Magnus Chase book series. The novel is authored by Rick Riordan and was published by Disney Hyperion Publishers in 2016.

the hammar of thor audiobook

The Hammer of Thor Audiobook – Novel Details And Review:

The story of the novel moves ahead in continuation as the book is part of a best-selling book series ‘Magnus Chase’. The events that take place in this book occur somewhere 6 weeks ahead in future of the past story of the sword of summer. The story revolves around the lead character of Sam Al-Abbas who meets up with one of Thor’s goat gods to track down the missing hero of Thor.

Critical Acclaim:

The novel of the Hammer of Thor Audiobook was very well-received and managed to garner a lot of positive praise from the audiences. Several critics from many leading publications also enjoyed the book and praised it for moving ahead in great flow. The book managed to bag nominations for several award categories and won many leading awards as well including the Stonewall book award and the Goodreads Choice Award.

Sequel book:

The sequel novel to this best-selling book was titled the ship of the dead. This book was published in 2017 and it became another best-seller of the series. It ranked on top of best-selling book list charts.

About Author (Rick Riordan):

Rick Riordan was born in America in 1964. He is a professional author, novelist, and storyteller. He is best known for his work on the fantasy fiction, detective and mythology genres. He is the famous author of Percy Jackson series.

Listen to The Hammer of Thor Audiobook Full Free:

The Hammer of Thor Audiobook by Rick Riordan is Present in 4 Parts which includes all the chapters of the novel in clear audio voice.

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