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[Listen][Download] The Aeronaut’s Windlass Audiobook – Jim Butcher

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The Aeronaut’s Windlass Audiobook provides fast-paced story and action with memorable characters. It is the first book of Cinder Spires series authored by Jim Butcher. It lies in the category of fantasy and steampunk. The book was originally published by Penguin Books on 29th September 2015 comprising of 630 pages. Aeronaut’s windlass won Hugo Award for Best Novel in 2016, Romantic Times Award for Fantasy Adventure and Goodreads Choice Award in 2015.

The Aeronaut's windlass

The Aeronaut’s Windlass Audiobook – Novel Review:

The Aeronaut’s windlass summons steam-powered technology, the incredible humanity of noble families and thrilling warriors. The story highlights salvoes of war present between Albion and Aurora. Captain Grimm owns authority to command merchant ship in the cold war. He disrupts the enemy ships by fierce attacking and destroying cargo vessels. Predator gets damaged in the battle and then joins agents just to restore the merchant ship. The dangerous task was accepted by Grimm. Thus, as the story progresses, the enemy of humanity remains silent for 1000 years but will wake up soon.


Listeners mentioned that Aeronaut’s windlass Audiobook is an epic blend of elements as well as tropes featuring mythology and fantasy fiction. Variety of characters present in the story makes the story nicely. The content turns out nice but critiques reviewed it as a confusing and boring novel because the entire story is steam-powered by characters. The descriptive on of magic world seems cartoonish.

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Movie Adaptation:

Aeronaut’s windlass is not adapted as a movie.

About Author (Jim Butcher):

Jim Butcher is an American Author born on 26th October 1971. He is known for writing fantasy and contemporary stories. He presents fascination in an excellent way. Pace presented by him is furious and turns out nice as the story progresses. He is definitely fantastic and crazy author who features story world in an interesting way.

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