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The Crooked Kingdom Audiobook is a celebrated and much highly anticipated sequel novel. It has been authored by best-selling and award-winning author Leigh Bardugo. The crooked Kingdom is a much-awaited sequel novel to best-selling books such as the six of crows, A Game of Thrones and Oceans’ Eleven. The book is authored by best-selling children’s author and award winner Leigh Bardugo. The novel is published by the Hachette Children’s Publishers Group in 2016. The novel is part of the six of crow book series. It is the second part of the novel series.

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Crooked Kingdom Audiobook – Novel And Review:

The crooked kingdom Audiobook is the second part of the series. As expected the story moves ahead in continuation in this part. The story is centered on Kaz Brekker and his group. They have together escaped death but they have no idea of all the trauma and agony that is yet to come their way. They are traveling to the land of Ketterdam where they will eventually find themselves trapped horribly.

Reader’s review

The audiences were greatly looking forward to this novel because of the first part already being a major success. The book was applauded for being a cherry on the top of audience expectations. The storyline is gripping, engaging and keeps the readers hooked from page 1 of the 280+ pages book. Various critics also praised the book for being very well written.

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About Author (Leigh Bardugo):

Leigh Bardugo is a top-rated best-selling American author. Born in Jerusalem, she settled in the United States along wither her family as a young child. She was named the author of the year in 2017. She has received immense success with her early works including the Six of Crows Audiobook Series.

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Crooked Kingdom Audiobook is Presented By Audible. The Book is performed by a number of popular readers mentioned in the audioboo. Crooked Kingdom Audiobook include all chapters of the book and for easy listening have been divided into 6 parts.

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