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[Listen][Download] 13 Reasons Why Audiobook – By Jay Asher

13 reasons why audiobook is young Fictional Novel. It is authored by Jay Asher and was published in 2007. 13 reasons why is an English novel. The book is written by author Jay Asher. The novel was published by the Razor Bill publishers in 2007. Razor Bill is a sister company of renowned publishers Penguin Books. The book is based on young fictional genre. The book is available in print media paperback, hardcover and audiobook. The audiobook had voice lent by vocalist Debra Wiseman and Joel Johnstone. The original cover artist for the book cover is Kendra List.

13 Reasons Why Audiobook

13 Reasons Why Audiobook – Novel Details And Review:

The story on thirteen reasons why audiobook is based on a college student who is rejected by her fellows in college and bullied. The effects of bullying are physical and psychological and as a result, she takes her life. After her death, her best friend receives an audio letter in which her dead best friend reveals 13 reasons how bullying and leg pulling drove her to death.

Critical Acclaim

13 reasons why was very well-received by the readers. The critics from many leading publications like US Weekly, Publishers weekly, Editor’s Choice and New York Times also praised the novel for being realistic, eye-popping and perspective. The book also ranked on the best-selling list if New York times in 2011 and received multiple nominations in various award categories.

Television Adaptation

The copyrights of the book have not yet been purchased by any production house to be adapted into a feature film. However, 13 reasons why become one of the first few handful of Netflix seasons. It is a phenomenal success on Netflix and was launched in 2017. The Netflix series comes with many changes in script, storyline, and character.

About Author (Jay Asher):

Jay Asher is an American born author. He was born in the USA in 1975 and is best known for his work on young fictional genre novels. His best-selling novel till present date is 13 reasons why.

Listen To 13 Reasons Why Audiobook Full Free MP 3:

13 Reasons Why Audiobook is presented by listenining Library Narrated By Debra Wiseman And Joel Johnstone. The Audiobook is in 8 Parts including all chapters of the novels.

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